#teamjef all up in #target @jefholm @dianedills  (Taken with Instagram)

#teamjef all up in #target @jefholm @dianedills (Taken with Instagram)

#teamjef all up in #target @jefholm @dianedills  (Taken with Instagram)

#teamjef all up in #target @jefholm @dianedills (Taken with Instagram)

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  1. lipstickandstockings said: I’m team Jef too!!!! (no, but seriously, I am obsessed with him)
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Hi :)

I'm Jamie, its nice to meet you :) As you can tell by the title of my blog I am a nanny so i spend much of my time mixing chocolate milk, making pb & j sandwiches (I make a mean pb&j by the way) reading dr.suess and listening to Dora teach me spanish. This blog isnt all about nannying though, just about the life of a nanny, which can be pretty hilirious at times. I am kind of a Jack of all trades, master of none. I am a Christian and try to live everyday bringing Glory to my savior, But I am human and not perfect and still have to ask for forgiveness at the end of each day.
Some Randoms:
-I hate seeing other people brush thier teeh, and i double hate if they leave toothpaste in the sink, gross!
-I hate mayo, pb and special sauces
-Ive always been a really messy person but my clean freak came out of me a few months ago and i cant stand things being dirty anymore!
-I used to work as a cook for a small charter high school but dont cook for myself. If i bust out a pot to boil some noodles its a good day.
-Once I am married I plan to adopt, foster and have my own children.
-I love to travel but unfortunatly dont have the finances to do it as often as i would like.
-I am uber sarcastic.
-Also uber is my favorite word.
-and nuke is my least favorite.

If i haven't bored you to the point of tears yet and you are still reading this then click my ask box and send me a message, let me know who you are! Thanks for taking a sec to look at my blog, I appreciate it :)

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My other blog: http://themanething.blogspot.com/